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It's always hard saying goodbye....

rain 27 °C

It's been a while since my last blog. I don't know where the time has gone but it's time to bid farewell to this beautiful country and it's people.

As always, El Salvador, you have welcomed us with open arms! There are too many people to thank as EVERYONE has been so amazing to us and Yuri's parents. We can't ever thank you enough!

1st September

Tati (Mamiti's niece) and her son Miguel came to visit at Chabelita's house today which was nice!
In the arvo we headed out for coffee and sweetbread at San Martin. The sweetbread here is so freaking delicious and we are eating way too much of it! Back to Chalito's after that to chill out and have dinner.

2nd September

Picked up Mamiti and Papiti and headed to Club Tecleno at El Tunco again. Time for more relaxation - ha!
We had pupusas for dinner at Chabelita's house to celebrate Felix's birthday (Mamiti's nephew).

Happy Birthday Felix!

3rd September
Breakfast this morning at Los Cebollines to meet Las Compadres as it is La Comadre's birthday. We had a lovely time with them and the breakfast was delicious! I spent some time on my own doing some shopping while Mamiti visited her brother and Yuri took his Dad to the bank. It was nice to tune out and enjoy a coffee and a peperecha (like I need to eat more sweet bread)...

Happy Birthday Niña Tere!

4th September

Road trip today and the first stop was the lovely town of Santa Ana. Next we headed back to Chalchuapa to visit the ruins of Tazumal and also to feast on some more yuca (yum)! Last stop was Lago de Coatepeque. Wow, this place is absolutely stunning! It's a lake in the crater of a volcano. We had a delicious lunch on the lake and just enjoyed our beautiful surroundings - wow! The skies opened up on our way back to San Salvador. We could literally see the black clouds chasing us.
We stopped at San Martin for some coffee and sweet bread before heading home for some chill out time watching Suits ?. Good day!

Santa Ana Cathedral


Lago de Coatepeque

5th September

I haven't written enough about Isabel, Anna, Rosie, Dayana, Felix, Ronald, Maria Luisa and Felix Snr. They are such wonderfully warm and loving people. They greet us each day with smiles on their faces.
We go to Isabel's house each day to pick up Mamiti an Papiti and they are always there with open arms and smiles, offering us food, to do our laundry, have a chat - anything we could possible want. Amazing people!

Today was a pretty chilled out day. We didn't get up to much. Just grabbed some lunch and coffee in the afternoon.
In the evening we headed to Gladys's place for what turned out to a very crazy but FUN night with Chamba's nieces and nephews. Again such lovely people that we have become really close with over the years ?.

Party time!

6th September

Woke up with a bit of a sore head ;-).
Today we spent the day with Isabel and Maria Jose which was so nice!
Zoned out in the evening by catching up on eps of Parenthood while Yuri chilled out watching football with Neto.

7th September
Up early again to have breakfast with Marisella and her husband Armando. The last time Yuri and his parents saw Marisella was 26 years ago when they left El Salvador for good - crazy right? It was so lovely to meet them and for Yuri and his parents, it's was so amazing to catch up.
Lunch at Chalito and Beatrice's place. Food is involved in everything we do. I spend most days so completely full and sleepy!
After lunch we headed to Comasagua to Finca San Ernesto to have coffee. The most amazing views up there! I wasn't feeling great so Yuri headed out for dinner with his parents and Henry and family.

The view of Santa Tecla on the road to Comasagua

Finca San Ernesto

8th September

Another day filled with food! Lunch at Ingrid's parents place (Niña Margarita and Don Roberto). The Compadres were also there as well as Gabriel and Roberto (Ingrid's brothers). The table was filled with food! Ingrid's mum is an amazing cook (especially sweets) so we ate and ate and ate! It was so lovely to catch up with them :-).


9th September

Very chilled day...
We had massages in the afternoon - 2 for $20! Mamiti and I are living like queens here! Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials - you name it!
Dinner at Chita and Nena's with the Colato family, Gladys, Bella and Lety. We had such a great night!


10th September

Road trip to Ilobasco to visit Papiti's family. Lovely day with them :-).
Dinner at San Martin (our favourite place)!!!

11th September

Chill out day didn't do anything much during the day. In the afternoon we finally managed to catch up with Julia at this very cool little treetop bar for a few drinks. It was so awesome to see her!

12th September

Coffee at San Martin which has become our daily ritual! Tania (a waitress) there has taken a liking to us and us to her (she has the most amazing smile)! Today she left this note on our receipt "May God bless you and remember I am here waiting". How sweet is that?
Dinner this evening at Marisella and Armando's which was a lot of fun! We had Chinese food which was delicious and a welcome change! Their daughters Adriana, Lupita and Lilian are just lovely and we had a really great night ??.


13th September
Happy Birthday to Mamiti!!!!

I had breakfast at San Martin while Yuri and Papiti went to the bank. We then took Mamiti out for a Birthday lunch to La Ola de Don Beto and it was delicious! Coffee with La Compadres in the afternoon before heading back to Chabelita's for Skype sessions for Mamiti's birthday.
Good day ??.


14th September

Another great day!
Lunch with Pipita, Lourdes and Tio Juan. Marisella and family joined us later in the arvo for cafecito y Pan dulce. They are all such lovely people and I'm so glad we got to spend some time with them ?.
We stopped at Paseo del Carmen after that to check out. It's very cool. A few streets in Santa Tecla are shut down from Friday to Sunday and market and food stalls are set up. There are some pretty cool bard there too. We bought a couple of things and then headed off.
We met up with Ivette, Niña Doris and Paty at Plaza Merliot after that.
Last stop for the day was visiting Yuri's childhood friend Yazirre and his wife Claudia. Yazirre still lives in the same street that they all grew up in together! 26 years since they had seen each other but you would never guess that! We had a great night!

The Lucha and Zaldaña clan!

Paseo del Carmen

Ivette, Paty, Papiti and Yuri

15th September

Happy Independence Day El Salvador!
Up early again for a breakfast date with Henry. I love the breakfasts here! Lots of fun catching up with Henry.
Thank you lunch at La Pampa for Chalito, Beatriz and Netto. They have been so amazing opening up their home to us so we wanted to say thank you. Delicious food and wine and great company!
Massages in the afternoon before meeting up with Netto to go to the movies. The cost for 3 people to go to the movies in ES is cheaper than the cost of 1 adult movie ticket in Australia. What the? We saw the Maze Runner which was pretty good!

Breakfast with Henry

Lunch with Chalito, Beatriz and Netto

16th September
1 week left in ES ???

Lovely relaxing day. Road trip up to Sonsonate then down La Litoral and lunch at El Puerto! We are going to miss El Puerto so much!
Back to San Salvador after that for cafecito y pan dulce at San Martin. We are going to miss San Martin too!
After coffee it was off to Las Cascadas for some beauty therapy. The three of us (Yuri, Mamiti and myself) got manicures - the best I've had anywhere in the world and Mamiti and Yuri also got haircuts. Papiti patiently waited for us!
Dinner at home and then chilled out in front of the telly.


Our Car!

17th September

Delicious breakfast with Las Compadres and then off to Gladys' place so she could permanently straighten my hair. She gave this to me as a gift - how beautiful is that!?!

18th September
Yuri wasn't feeling the best so we had a very easy day. Bed at 9:30 - earliest we've been to bed on this trip!

19th September

Up early to meet Taty (Mamiti's niece) and her husband for breakfast. Yuri still not feeling the greatest so he didn't eat much (and it's killing him)!
Taty bought some old pics with her which made Mamiti a bit emotional. It was a really great morning.
After breakfast we headed to Las Cascadas so I could get a pedicure (hands down the best I've ever had) while Yuri and Mamiti got massages. Papiti waited for us (he's been doing that a lot lately ;-). We have been getting massages, manicures, pedicures and facials every other day. So, so freaking cheap and kicks ass over the treatments we get in Australia!
Off to United airlines after that to make sure Mamiti and Papiti's flight to Mexico on Tueaday was all good.
We had Tio Fito's daughters graduation that night. It was lots of fun. Yuri still not feeling the best so couldn't eat. After dinner and cake the 'combo' (band) arrived which was awesome!

Breakfast with Taty and Miguel

Yuri with Tio Fito, Chino and Henry

20th September
Full on day...
Up early to have a farewell breakfast with Chalito, Beatriz & Ernesto at San Fernando. Beautiful, beautiful surroundings. This family has been so amazing to us.
After that it was off to Nena and Chita's place to say goodbye, then Las Compadres, then Don Roberto and Niña Margarita (phew) - after that we stopped for a quick sandwich before heading to Chabelita's place. We had a wonderful night with them sharing some laughs over pupusas! They have been so good to Mamiti and Papiti as well as us!
Exhausted but happy!

Breakfast at San Fernando


21st September

It's been raining all day today. It's as if El Salvador is a little bit sad that we are leaving...
We went in search of Sopa de Gallina and were successful - YUM

More goodbyes....
We visited Pipita, Lourdes and Tio Juan to say goodbye. Sad.
We then visted Ivette and family to say goodbye. Sad
Taty and Miguel then visited us to say goodbye. Sad

22nd September
Up early for a final round of massages - even Papiti got one!

We then went to say goodbye to Gladys and Bella. I love this girl. Can't wait till she moves to Australia!


After lunch we made one final visit to San Martin and our favourite waitress Tania!


We then headed back to Chabelita's to pack Mamiti and Papiti's suitcases.
Yuri dropped of our rental car - we got 10 days free. Thanks Tio Fito!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Chabelita, Ana, Rosie, Felix, Ronald, Felix Jnr and Dayana - now that was SAD! These people have opened their homes and hearts to us and have just been simply AMAZING. Thank you is not enough.

Out for a final dinner with Chalito, Beatriz and Netto which was lovely. We had delicious burgers at Smashburger.
Chalito, Beatriz and Netto have been so, so WONDERFUL to us. We haven't said goodbye yet as we'll do that tomorrow morning. That will be really hard....

The best thing about El Salvador is the people. The people here have given us so many memories that we will have forever. Thank you is not enough.
The country is so beautiful and we hope to be back again one day so therefore it's not goodbye, it's see you later.

Hasta luego El Salvador, next stop MEXICO!

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